Oládé Organics is a collection of herbal blends that work in synergy to promote wealth in wellness.

I believe wellness begins within, and our blends light the path to high vibrational healing rooted in African Apothecary. From a rejuvenating rising; to a blissful bedtime, our product's guarantee balance for any lifestyle.

When we find balance in our wellness… "Wealth will come" (Oládé), because surely,

“Our First Wealth... is Health.”

Have you poured into self lately?

Sip with intention. Dip into relaxation. Self-care without any reservations!

Our Tribe

I took The Root womb tea and my cramps really went away! Def a great purchase!
The bath tea & oil was thee perfect addition to my bath routine. The aromas are so delicious.
This oil! Is bomb asf!!