Here is the Tea! 

I started blending herbs out of rebellion towards "Big Pharma". I wanted to explore other alternatives to chemicals and possible side effects I couldn't even pronounce. Honestly, I just wanted a cheaper and safer method to staying healthy because...they be tripping! So, on this self-declared rebellion tour, I was determined to find a home remedy for everything! I mean EVERY and ANY thing!
When I tell you I discovered we all have the power to heal ourselves and that nature is our supplier! I mean it! I finally stopped needing to nearly overdose on Motrin just to feel okay. (No seriously, I had to be popping atleast 2-3 800s for atleast 3 days every month, smh. And I stopped popping sleeping pills just to take a nap (because who can sleep through cramps!!!) Again...smh.
Let's fast forward 2021! Today, my garden & my kitchen are my pharmacy. I'm talking low cost, no side effects, and all the benefits right at home! Well... my home & your computer. You are just a few clicks away from ordering your very own self healing regime. I've done the research and I got the herbs. I got all the blends to satisfy all of your needs!! Mother Earth gave us all this great knowledge to heal ourselves and I am her apprentice. I am only here to remind us of this power and to help light your path to the wellness within. 
My story is one that can not be summed into a fews paragraph, so as I work on my masterplan of pouring out all this herbal deliciousness... continue to follow our journey on IG and check in with me. I promise to keep the tea flowing! 
-Modupe Ariel 
Have you poured into Self lately??
Its time to harvest & harness Herbal Healing.