The Lemon Butterfly


Purpose: Hydrating Herbs packed with antioxidants. Citrus notes for a loving dose of Vitamin C! 

Ingredients: Butterfly Pea, Lemongrass, and other lemon herbs. 

Preparation: Pour 8 oz of Boiling water over 1 tsp of tea. Cover and allow the blend to steep for up to 5 mins. Remove the infuser and allow the blend to cool. Sip back and enjoy!


  1. Add a healthy amount of blend to a soaking bag, drop in water & soak for atleast 1hr. Add salts & fresh fruit for a lasting hydrating glow. 
  2. Add a slice of lemon & watch the color change! 💜

Size: 4oz jar; includes soak bag 
(~about 5-10 servings & up to 2 bath soaks) 

Size: 1.5oz; includes Tea Ball & Spoon (~about 20-25 servings & up to 5 bath soaks)